COSCO VTG Tanktainer won the third prize of shell's 2021 safety day "new life-saving rules learning competition"

September 16, 2021

In order to cooperate with the 2021 safety day held by shell (China) on September 15, the safety department of the company and the shell project teams in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin produced safety education videos according to the newly revised "life saving rules" of shell. Among them, the special video of "risk avoidance in dangerous fire line area" shot and produced by the headquarters of the company's safety department under the guidance of shell Zhapu logistics team won the third prize of "learning competition of new life-saving rules" on Shell China safety day 2021.
Shell's "life saving rules" are safety guidelines designed by shell for employees and contractors to reduce safety accidents. COSCO VTG Tanktainer's safety concept is also highly consistent with shell. It will put long-term adherence to high safety standards and zero safety accidents in the first place, throughout the operation, strive to realize the service concept of "creating value for customers" and practice social responsibility, so as to realize the long-term sustainable development of the enterprise.

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